Today’s post is like a combination of my Monday Mom and Teacher Talk post that I usually do during the week.   I’m highlighting the co-founders of Little Passports Amy Norman and Stella Ma, who are moms.  These moms wanted to teach their children about other countries and the world, so they introduced Little Passports.  If you’re looking to bring your children around the world without leaving your living room or prep them for an out of country trip, then Little Passports may be perfect.  One of the main goals of Little Passports was for it to create experiences for children that inspires imagination.  What’s better than children using their imagination and getting excited about learning?

As a teacher, I love the concept of using Passports to create exciting experiences for children and basically take them around the world without even hoping on a plane.  This program is really unique because it’s a monthly subscription to a new adventures.  It seems as if subscription boxes are popular again.   This particular box subscription allows you to join in the experience with your child and tailor it to their needs or liking.  It doesn’t get better than that.  I actually used paper passports, from a school supply store, to encourage students and their families to highlight their trips to museums and activities around the city.  Some families were really creative and the children responded positively.

Find out more information about Little Passports by visiting their site,  How do you teach your child about different countries or people?  Does your family travel often?  have you ever belonged to a box subscription? What is your first impression of Little Passports?

The co-founders of Little Passports Amy and Stella.

A sample of the Little Passports subscription package.


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