Happy Fashion Friday!  Are your kids looking for rockstar status this school year? Have they met the packs from MadPax? The MadPax packs are one-of-a-kind backpacks mad especially for kids who love style. These packs have cool written all over it. Seriously!  They are 3D, functional, fun and made of quality material that last. I’ve heard moms say their children are going not he 2nd school year with their MadPax packs. Now that’s something every parent likes to hear.

I attended Momtrend’s Back to School event Tuesday evening and I met one of the creators of MadPax, Tina, the mad scientist. She had a naturally fun and cool personality. I totally understood her excitement about her packs, becasue they are just so unique.  Last school year all you had to do was walk down a street in Soho or Tribeca in new York City and you would seriously see all the cool kids rocking one of those Spiketus Rex MadPax packs.  I wanted to wear one to school everyday, that’s how cool they are.  This year they have some new styles added to the colelction.  The newest style to be added to the madPax family is the Blok style, which looks like building blocks on your back.  They also have one of my favorite 3D designs, the Bubble packs.  The packs come in three different sizes, fullpack, halfpack and the nibbler.  They range in price from $15 to $60 and they even have add-on accessories, like the cool Ledlox cases.   The packs are available in many boutiques across the country and online at www.madpax.com.  Visit the MadPax website for more detailed information.

Have you seen the MadPax packs in stores or in schools?  Will your children stand out from their classmates with their bookbag style?  Which MadPax style is your favorite?

Disclaimer: The views expressed are that of Monica J.  I was not compensated to write this review.  I  attended the Momtrends Back to School Event.


Here are all of the 3D styles from MadPax.  Which one is your favorite?

Here’s the MadPax display at the Momtrends event.  I just love the colors on that multi-colored pack.  Too cute!


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