So, the big Thanksgiving holiday is winding down and the kids are home with family and friends.  Need something to  do that will fill the time and add a little fun to the weekend?  Well how about having a fun project in the kitchen.  It’s time to get cooking with the kids.  Many children love to make things, especially things that are edible.  Cupcakes are still popular and always fun to make then eat.  Does a cupcake project sound like a little fun?  You may be thinking it could be a messy project, but I always say, “the messier the better.”

I’m always looking for ways to make decorative cupcakes that are also great to eat.  I’m not the best baker and definitely not good at icing a cupcake or a cake, so when I discovered cupcake tattoos I was excited.  I tried out Duff Goldman’s cupcake tattoos a while ago and they were easy to use.  I made a video showing  you just how easy it is to use the cupcake tattoos in my video below.  However, there are so many new easy-to-use decorations for cupcakes.  If you go to a craft store or even your local supermarket you’ll be pleasantly surprised at your decorative options, which just add more fun to the making cupcakes experience.

Are you a cupcake lover?  Do your children love cupcakes?   How often does your family cook in the kitchen together?

Watch the Cupcake Tattoo Video Now!


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