There was exclusive fashion at the 55th Grammy Awards.  The Grammy’s wasn’t just an award show with some amazing performers.  It was an exclusive runway and some very popular celebrity moms stood out.  These mamas showed the world that moms are definitely hot.

These ladies rocked the red carpet and looked amazing doing it.  I loved some of their choices more than others.  Did you have a favorite gown or outfit from the show?  Who rocked the red carpet the best?  Who’s fashion choice was a clear show-stopper? Check out some of the hot moms who turned up the fashion at the Grammy’s.  From Solange, Giuliana, Nicole, Alicia, Beyoncé’ and J-Lo, who was hot and was not?

~Monica J~

The gorgeous Solange Knowles and Giuliana Rancic.

Hot mamas Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé’.

The beautiful Nicole Kidman and Alicia Keys.

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