When Deborah Tillman made her television debut in November 2011, I was glued to the television.  I was excited to see an educator, mother and business woman as America’s Supernanny.  As an early childhood educator of children with special needs I was even more excited, because her background is in early childhood education as well.  After I had a chance to chat with her I was an instant fan.  On her show, she assist parents with their parenting skills, gives great advice to families,  shares her many tricks that she has up her sleeve and has a genuine passion for children and educating.  Her passion is seen in her work and definitely on her show.  Season 1 was loaded with interesting families that kept the Supernanny busy.  I’m looking forward to the new season and what the Supernanny will bring to the table this time around with all new families.

The season “Supernanny Family Lockdown” premieres on January 8th, 2013, 10/9c on Lifetime TV.  I really believe Supernannies and Teachers share many of the same tricks.  Check out the article I wrote on LifetimeMoms.com about exactly that.  SUPERNANNIES & TEACHERS SHARE SOME OF THE SAME TRICKS

Did you watch America’s Supernanny in action season 1?  What do you think about her approach to parenting?  Will you be watching season 2, Supernanny Family Lockdown?

~Monica J~

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