Over the last 5 years I’ve been sharing valuable information, products and events centered around kids.  One of my favorite events and post is this one, right here.  I am so inspired by Angela Santomero and her work educates young children everyday.  Amazing, right?  Read about the first time I met this children’s media powerhouse. Read Below.  

I had another great evening with an amazing mom who left me inspired.  PBS Kids, Women in Children’s Media and Angela Santomero hosted a Daniel Tiger Party.  It was a celebration of the all-new animated series, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  The creator of this new PBS series is non other than Angela C. Santomero, who is also the creator of Blues Clues and Super Why.  This new series was created for the new generation of preschoolers and it premiered on PBS Kids on September 3rd.

Angela Santomero sat on a panel with Kevin Morrison, Executive Producer (Fred Rogers Company) and Linda Simensky, Vice President (Children’s Programming , PBS).  During the panel Angela had a chance to discuss her vision behind the series and its goal of connecting with children by enduring the legacy of Fred Rogers (Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood).  The series brings children to a land of make-believe, which is the number one thing I loved about Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.   Listening to Angela speak about the time, passion and love she put into this series moved me.  It was very clear that she’s passionate about what she creates for children, which means so much to me, personally.  When that much attention is given to a series it shows in every episode.

I’m sure that the new series will be a hit just like Blues Clues and Super Why.  Angela is a mom, wife and a business woman who has made a difference in children’s entertainment and media.  While chatting with her after the event I found out about her educational background.  She somewhat reminds me of myself because of her passion for educating children in the best possible way.  Her way is through the educational entertainment platform and mine is currently through the classroom, but I plan to expand that.  Well, needless to say Angela Santomero inspired me.  Thanks to another amazing mom!

Have you or your children watched the new series, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood?  Did you watch Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood growing up? What women inspire you?

~Monica J~

Featured Image Credit: From Angela Santomero’s Twitter Page 

I had a chance to meet Daniel Tiger himself and Angela Santomero.  Fun evening!

Here’ are some more pictures from the evening.  Even a pop-up of Mr. Roger’s was there.

Image Credit: Angela Santomero Twitter Page

Image Credit: Angela Santomero Twitter Page