Mommy and founder of MimiVail, Vail Weymann Vasisht, believes that every day is about celebrating little girls and all the special moments of childhood.  Mimivail is a collection of high quality, timeless-inspired children’s dresses.  I was introduced to the new collection last week at the Momtrends Holiday event.  I instantly thought of my childhood and all the gorgeous dresses my mother used to dress me up in as a little girl.  I loved going to family parties and events, as a child, so I could wear my pretty dresses with the adorable sleeves.  The Mimivail line is all about classic dresses for little girls.  The collections has great silhouettes, colors and prints.  I think any little girl would look darling in one of dresses from the line.

Needless to say, I fell in love with the dresses, but their is also an important message this collection comes with.  All of these sweet dresses come paired with a hand-crafted bracelet, made exclusively by the women of Jinja, Uganda.  Mimivail has partnered with the organization Light Gives Heat (LGH).  Through this partnership Mimivail supports the empowerment of local artisans, and their children, through the encouragement of economic sustainability and creative endeavors.

The founder of Mimivail, Vail, has her own unique story which I enjoyed listening to.  She worked on Wall Street for 13 years and after that decided to follow her passion.  She is now celebrating little girls through focusing on a very special time in their lives (childhood).  Now as a mommy of two she is reliving her own childhood memories through their eyes.  Wonderful!

View some of the pieces from the collection below.  Did you wear classic dresses as a child?  Do these dresses remind you of your childhood?  Which dress, from the images below,  is your favorite?

~Monica J~

Mimivail Founder Vail Weymann Vasisht and dresses from the collection.

Dresses from the collection and a handcrafted bracelet that comes with the dress.