It’s Mommy Monday and I’m excited to highlight an amazing mom who has inspired me as a blogger.  Meet Joy Cho, the lady behind the ever so popular blog, Oh Joy.  I stumbled upon this blog several months ago and instantly started following it because of the simplicity, fun and personal touch Joy gives it.  She’s stylish, talented and a new mom who loves to share family pics of her cutie pie baby.  Joy recently released her new book Blog Inc. and she’s currently on a book tour promoting it.  Of course, as a blogger, I had to read it.  It’s another great blogger book, now one of my two favorite blogger reads.  It gives insight into the world of blogging, how to navigate it and how to get the most of it based on what your goals are as a blogger.

When Joy announced that she would be stopping off in New York City on her book tour I made sure I was there.  And she didn’t disappoint.  As soon as I took the escalator upstairs and entered the huge West Elm on 61st and Broadway I knew I was in the world of Joy Cho.  It was colorful and fun just like her.  She had the most creative fun paper designs, by paper artist Chloe’ Fleury, hanging from the ceiling and propped up around the store.  Oh, and how could I forget the Smile Booth which was a life-sized paper designed pie truck.  Did I mention it was a fun evening!

Besides all of the fun, Joy made it a very intimate evening , which you don’t always find at book signings.  She set aside time to just chat with her guest one on one, Q&A time, and then she sat down and signed books.  Hey, she even answered my question about balancing her life as mother, wife and entrepreneur.  She was very real and open with her answers to the different questions.  The key points that I remember her saying were choosing quality over quantity when blogging or in business.  And when it comes to being a mother, allowing yourself to accept help from family, friends and getting help when needed.  Great tips!

The book signing was held at one of my favorite furniture stores, West Elm.  The store is huge and I just wanted to shop.

Here I am with Joy and her new book Blog Inc.a good read for any blogger.

Here are some of the fun paper designs that were around the store.  Fun! Fun! Fun!

So what do you think about the fun paper designs?  Are you a blogger looking for a new inspirational book?  Are you thinking about picking up a copy of Blog Inc.?

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