Some believe that you are either born to be a mommy or not. Now a new study says some females are born with a “mommy gene” that determines whether you’re born to be a mom. I have to admit that growing up, way before this study of the “mommy gene”, my girlfriends and I would always talk about who was going to be a mom and who wasn’t. I was always the one everyone expected to be a mom for sure and I truly believe I will be a mom one day. But, low and behold the friend whom none of us believed even liked children was the first out of our group to have a child and she is an amazing mom. So, it’s hard for me to believe that there could really be a “mommy gene”, but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there is a specific genetic link that make some woman more of a nurturer.

In a study with mice, researchers from Rockerfeller University determined that a single gene exists that could be responsible for motivating mothers to protect, feed and raise their young. This gene has been called the “mommy gene” by some. The researchers feel that their study gives more of an explanation as to why some woman are naturally nurturers and others are not. Good Morning America recently aired a segment on this. Watch the Good Morning America segment.

Do you believe there is a “mommy gene”? Did you grow up believing that you would be a mom? Have you ever questioned this possibility?

~Monica J~

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