I’m sure you’ve seen celebrity mom Halle Berry gracing the cover of Instyle magazine this month.  Well, I finally got around to reading the article and I have to admit I love this mama even more now.  Not only is she embracing her beauty as she ages, she’s enjoying mommyhood and getting to know her daughter through spending quality time.  I’m a big fan of allowing children to express themselves through drawings, pictures, art or whatever creative medium they choose.  Halle mentioned in the article how she loves spending time with her daughter especially when she gets to connect with her while she expresses herself through her drawings.  That is such a great way to get to know what’s on your child’s mind and how they interpret the world around them.

Halle also talks about beauty and embracing her beauty as she ages.  It’s sometimes difficult for women to accept themselves as they age and their bodies begin to change.  Halle says, “Don’t stress about your age or fight it.  Appreciate the young women who look like you once did, but don’t strive to be like them.  You’re moving into a new phase of your life-embrace it.  That’s what I hope to do.”

One of the best parts of this article is the small section where Halle discloses what tips she would give her younger self.  I always think about this personally.  What would I tell my younger self.  There are so many lessons I would teach my younger self.  I’m sure moms can take those lessons and share it with their children.  I try to share mine with my nieces.  Below are the 3 tips Halle would give her younger self, but you have to read the full Instyle article to get more details about her 3 tips.

Halle’s Memo to Younger Self

1. Don’t Sweat what you can’t control

2. Load up on languages

3. Rethink the ink

Not only did I enjoy reading the article, but I love the photography.  It looks like the classic Halle Berry in this shoot.   Are you a Halle Berry fan?  Have you read the new Instyle magazine?

~Monica J~

Image Credit:  All images are property of Instyle Magazine

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