Two things I love to promote on this blog are amazing moms and great products for families. One mom is making that easy for today’s Mommy Monday post. Kristin Ahmer is the CEO and founder of the The Sili Company, which developed the Sili Squeeze and the Sili Squeeze with Eeeze. Like many moms, Kristin says she’s inspired by her children’s ever-changing needs and desires.

The Sili Squeeze is a reusable silicone food pouch that allows your precious little ones to enjoy pureed food. It’s also spill-proof. You can add apple sauce, yogurt and your very own homemade specialties to the squeeze. The Sili Squeeze with Eeeze is also a reusable food pouch which is designed for children ages 2 and older. This squeeze has the eeze of free-flowing pureed food once you open the nipple spout.

This is the perfect alternative to store-bought pouches. It will help any family save some extra money.  This should be an item added to every new mommy basket. The website even offers recipes for all you Sili moms. Now that’s a cool added bonus. For more information on this amazing mom and her Sili Company products visit the website here,

Have you heard of the Sili Squeeze? Do you purchase pouches for your children? Do you puree foods at home?

~Monica J~

            *All Images for this product are the property of The Sili Company

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