This month has been a hot month for celebrity moms. They have been seen gracing the covers of several magazines. A couple of my favorite celeb moms are cover beauties this month. Jada Pinkett Smith and Jessica Alba are two of my favorites and they both talk about their lives as mothers, wives, career women and their businesses. Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez are also cover beauties this month.

These ladies make looking gorgeous so easy, although I know they have a team of beauty experts with them at every shoot. Not only are these moms gorgeous, but they all have some really impressive businesses they are heading and causes that they are advocating for. Jada’s story in Essence magazine touched me the most. She has recently taken on the sex trafficking/human trafficking world and has given a voice to the victims, girls as young as 12 years old. She’s even launched her website Sex trafficking is basically modern-day slavery and the victims are our young beautiful girls. I’m so happy that Jada has decided to take on this cause.

Jessica Alba is also doing something I consider important.  She’s helping parents and families by providing them safe, nontoxic, affordable and high quality products through her company The Honest Company. Her products are specifically made for families. Since parents are extremely busy and don’t always have the time to do research about products, she’s taking that on and doing it for them. It reminds me of what I try to for families on So family, try to make the lives of parents easier and give them exclusive family information.

Victoria Beckham talks future, her hubby, family and when she smiles. She says life is basically a juggling act (career, family and husband). Jennifer Lopez talks about her busy life and love. These ladies all have great stories and make beautiful cover models. Have you read any of these September beautie’s articles? Are you a fan of any of these celebrity moms?  Who has the hottest cover?


~Monica J~

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