Like many of you, I grew up watching the Cosby show in the 80’s and 90’s.  I had a connection with all of the characters, especially since my friends would always call my family the Cosby’s, because we had almost the same amount of children and only one boy in our family.  However, I had a very special connection with the character Phylicia Rashad played, Clair Huxtable (the mother).  She reminded me of my mother with her beauty, grace and strength as a woman.  She was remarkable to me then and she’s still an inspiration now.

Many women of her caliber raise children who carry themselves with the same grace.  Introducing Condola Rashad, the daughter of Phylicia Rashad.  She’s an actress and a rising star.  Like her mother, she has that grace that can only be learned from the best.  I was first introduced to her talent as an actress when I went to see the play “Stick Fly” on Broadway several months ago.  Before even realizing whose daughter she was, she wowed me with her skills.  These two ladies are a force to be reckoned with and we’ll be able to see them work together on-screen in less than a week.

Mother and daughter are starring in this years highly anticipated remake of Steel Magnoliaswhich will be airing on Lifetime on October 7th.  Phylicia Rashad will play Clairee and Condola Rashad will play Truvy in the movie.  I will be in front of my television for this Lifetime premiere.  Can’t wait!  Do you plan to watch the movie?  Were you a fan of the original Steel Magnolia’s movie?  Do you have a special mother daughter connection?

~Monica J~

Photo Credit: Condola in Flaunt Magazine. Phylicia’s image from the web

Photo Credit: Lifetime Moms Website

Phylicia Rashad recently had an interview with Ebony magazine and she spoke about being a proud mother and working with her daughter.  Read some excerpts from the interview below.



EBONY: Did you try to discourage her from going into the business or was she one of those lucky kids who had parents who said, do whatever you want to do as long as it makes you happy? 

RASHAD: Well, when she very, very young she asked for instruction. She asked for a piano teacher, a dance teacher and a reading teacher. She asked for those things when she was three years old. And then shortly after that I took her to see a performance at the Alvin Ailey. She was dressed in her pretty little dress and we want backstage, because I knew some of the people in the company back then, and she looked around and she said: “When is it going to be my time, Mommy?”
She wasn’t just growing up watching television and films. She was growing up watching me work. Actually work in the theater. When I did Into The Woods she was barely two, but she was in the theater with me. She was always with me. She was on the set of The Cosby 

Show watching us put it together and work. She watched my sister Debbie work. She was exposed to my sister’s academy as a pre-teen and that was all about work. She’s always been involved in a work ethic, in a work level and that has been of great interest and joy to her. She enjoys working.

EBONY: And what was it like to finally work with her on that Lifetime Channel remake of Steel Magnolia coming out soon?

RASHAD: It was beautiful. It was absolutely beautiful. It was beautiful to see her so natural and so free. To see her so comfortable and to see her holding it down— and earning that respect from everybody.

EBONY: Was it always in the back of your mind that maybe one day you would have a chance to work with her on a project?

RASHAD: No. What was in the back of my mind was something else she said as a little girl. She said: “Mommy, when I grow up we’ll be best friends and laugh all the time.” That’s what she said. “

Read the full interview with Phylicia Rashad.