Big news in children’s television was announced at the end of October.  The hit undersea children’s property Octonauts announced plans to partner with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  This partnership will happen through the Office of Ocean Exploration and research (OER), which will jointly raise awareness of ocean exploration and science and advance NOAA’s ocean mission.  The Octonauts live in an undersea base, the octopod, where all of their adventure takes place.  So, this is the perfect collaboration with NOAA.  I’m sure this partnership will bring about many new adventures for the Octonauts that are true to science and the exploration of our oceans.  Hopefully this new team will motivate families to ask questions about ocean exploration and motivate children to explore the ocean further.

Here’s a snippet from the latest Press Release about the new partnership:

The association with NOAA and its team of marine biologists, geologists, engineers and other experts at OER, described in a Letter of Intent signed by NOAA and Silvergate, will further Octonauts’ commitment to ensuring that the series is grounded in scientific discovery and true-to-life exploration of the natural world. For NOAA, the possibility of teaming with Octonauts will enable the organization to expand its demographic base and help develop the next generation of champions and protectors of our oceans.

Together, the team intends to explore participating at events at aquaria and other venues, collaborate on new products, such as games, toys and apps, share communications via social media and other platforms and develop educational materials and educational outreach programs.

“Our number one objective for Octonauts has always been to develop a property that is fun and entertaining but also remains true and accurate to the science that is the essence of the brand,” said Durkan. “In addition, we want Octonauts to help motivate young children – and their parents – to explore the ocean, be inspired by it and ask questions. This association is a huge step in continuing to move those objectives forward.”

~Monica J~ 

Disclaimer: The views expressed are that of Monica J.  I was not compensated to write this review. 


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