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Discovery Calls

Book a private consultation with Monica J to discuss the needs of your child, and some of your concerns and needs as their parent or guardian. We can discuss child behavior, child development, developmental delays and more. Schedule your free 15 minute call today! Chat with you soon!

Live Chat with Monica J

Have you joined us for #TuesdayNightLiveChat on Instagram? What if you could have your very own personalized live chat with Monica J? If you’re in the tri-state area it could be an in-home chat party. We can also do personalized Live Chats for a group of your parent friends online. Monica J is ready to answer your questions about child behavior, child development, developmental skills, suggested toys/games and more. Let’s Chat!

Skill Building Sessions

Is your child experiencing challenges in a particular developmental or skill area? Are you looking for ways on helping your child strengthen specific skills? I can help. For children and families in Manhattan, NY, Brooklyn, NY or Newark, NJ. For more details and pricing please click now.

Your child is filled with gifts and strengths. Let’s make sure that they are always highlighted.


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