Keeping the family organized is no easy task, however someone has to do it.  With enough toys, books, papers and stuff to go around for everyone, there definitely has to be some kind of organization going on at home.  Everyone has their own tricks to getting and keeping everyone in the family organized, but why not use a little extra help if you can.

Baskets are popular again or maybe they never lost their popularity.  They can definitely be found in almost every furniture or home store now.  Baskets are being used for everything, from storing toys, books, yarn, shoes and much more.  Baskets come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so it’s even easier to add them to your home.  Baskets can sit on the floor, in corners, act as a file cabinet, fit perfectly in a bookcase or act as a towel holder in the bathroom.  Some baskets even come with a top, so you can actually hide the items being stored inside.

I have to admit that I love baskets, so I am definitely a basket advocate.  Currently I have two baskets in my bathroom.  The large basket sits on the floor and holds my towels.  The smaller basket sits on the sink and holds my wash cloths.  They add so much character to my bathroom.  That’s not all, I also have a medium-sized basket in my living room which is currently acting as a magazine rack.  Oh, and how could I forget my two Ikea baskets that I use to store files in the bookcase.  They come in so handy and they make the bookcase look great in my home office.

I pulled some images of some of my favorite baskets from around the web.  Check them out below.  Do you use baskets in your home?  How do baskets organize your home?  Do you like baskets with a little color?  Have any favorites from the pictures below?


Photo Credits: Land of Nod & Various Website Images

~Monica J~

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