Flying with Kids     by Monica M. Jones

When someone walks onto an airplane with a small child in tow, the other passengers often silently will them not to stop in their row. And when the parents finally do stop, those around them groan inwardly. Having to spend hours on a plane with a screaming child kicking the back of your seat is far from the most pleasant way to spend a long flight. But most people don’t understand that flying with kids is often worse for the parents. They’re trying to keep their child under control, but it’s nearly impossible to keep a child entertained and still for that long. But you can make your next flight a little easier by understanding that plane time with kids can be quality time.

The next time you’re flying with kids, instead of simply trying to keep them quiet while you’re watching the in-flight movie, try bringing along games, books, and other “sit still” activities that you can do together. They’re far more likely to stay interested in a coloring book if you’re coloring it with them. You can talk in quiet voices on a plane, and if your child has someone to whisper with, they’ll be far less likely to feel cooped up on the plane.

And don’t be shy about getting up and walking around. Try to get up at regular intervals to stretch your legs. You can’t run on a plane, but you can walk briskly up and down the aisles. Do stretches with your child at the back of the plane. Getting up and moving every once in a while prevents your child from getting stir-crazy from having to sit for so long. Don’t wait for your child to explode with pent-up energy from sitting still. Preemptively get up at regular intervals to prevent an uncontrollable outburst.
While it may take some effort to keep your child content on the plane, it’ll be worth it. Not only will your child be happier and less likely to cause a scene during the flight, but you’ll also enjoy spending time with your child. It can be easy to forget that you like your own children when you make keeping them quiet the highest priority. But if you remember that being able to spend such a long amount of time with your child is a rare opportunity, then you’ll be more likely to enjoy flying with kids, even if you don’t want to make a regular thing of it.

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~Monica J~

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I love supporting children’s products that promote learning through play.