I love to be inspired, but there’s nothing like being inspired by an extraordinary woman and mom. After reading the story of Joy Mangano and then running to the theatre to see the movie, appropriately named JOY, I was more than inspired. I left the theatre ready to change the world and ready to follow my purpose in life. Joy Mangano, a mother, an entrepreneur and an amazing inventor is a powerhouse. Tats the best way to describe her. She’s a powerful woman with an inspirational story that will make women feel as if they too can be successful in business.

I truly believe when you talk about what you know or sell something based on your real experience no one can stop you and you will win.

Joy is a mother of 3 and she became well-known for her invention of the Miracle Mop, which made huge sales on QVC in 1990. She took all the money she had, plus borrowed money from family to create her prototype of the Miracle Mop. The rest is history. I love to read about successful entrepreneurs, especially moms. I always wonder how they do it and what gives them that determination. There’s something that tells them to never give up and they don’t.

Well, I won’t have to wonder much longer because I’m heading Macy’s in Herald Square NYC to meet Joy Mangano. That’s right, I have to meet her in person so I can shake her hand and tell her how she’s inspired me. Okay, well she may not shake my hand, I don’t know. But I will get to hear her talk about her own story. I ready to inspired even more, if that’s possible. So, if you’re I the New York City area this Saturday I suggest you hop on over to Macy’s and join me. Let’s be inspired together.

Joy Mangano will be heading to Macy’s on Saturday, January 9th at 2PM in the Home Department on the 8th floor to give us tips on Organizing our homes for the New Year. Ummmm, yes sign me up please. I need organization tips. There will be sweets, sips and prizes too. Don’t miss it.

~Monica J~

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