Happy National Shake Month.  Did you know that September is National Shake month?  Are you ready to shake it up and celebrate with your family.  This is a time to have a little fun with your family, try something new and yummy like a milkshake.  You can share one with the family.  Johnny Rockets is known for their burgers and milkshakes of course.  My favorite is the strawberry milkshake. Yum!  This month I’m shaking it up with Johnny Rockets and I created my own family milkshake.  Along with my nieces and nephew we came up with the perfect milkshake that represents our family.  One of our favorite family desserts that you will find at every family gathering is Banana Pudding, so we created the “Banana Pudding Boogie Milkshake”.  It’s so delicious and a definite sweet treat.  I’m sharing the recipe below, however I am not giving you specific measurements for the ingredients because how much is totally up to you.  Plus I’m no chef, just an auntie having a little fun in the kitchen.  Watch how I made the “Banana Pudding Boogie Milkshake” below.  Enjoy!!!

Does your family enjoy milkshakes?  What’s your favorite milkshake? If you want to know more about Johnny Rocket’s milkshakes or enjoy one at one of their restaurants near you visit their website, www.johnnyrockets.com.

~Monica J~
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Recpie & Ingredients for the “Banana Pudding Boogie MilkShake”

1. Milk (I prefer 1% milk)

2. Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (I love Vanilla Bean)

3. Vanilla Pudding (I use an instant pudding mix)

4. Banana (I use 1 whole banana)

5. Whip Cream (this part is fun)

6. Caramel (Just pour on as much as you want)

7. Cherries (I use the Maraschino cherries)

8. Sprinkels (I use the rainbow sprinkels on the top)

9. Straw (A cute straw is a must for my shake)

10. Mug (A cool mug just makes the shake look great) 

*Most important part of the recipe is to Have Fun*