It’s Summer time and the travel season has statred.  For many families this means packing, activities, barbecues, bike riding, pool parties and just good old fun.  There’s one important thing you should remember, especially while all of this is going on and that’s SAFETY!  How do you keep your family safe while enjoying summer travel and fun?  One way to ensure safety for you and the kids is to always carry a first aid kit.  First aid kits come in handy in cases of emergency and accidents and we all know kids are constantly having accidents.  The best part about first aid kits is that you can customize them to fit the needs of your family or for you.  You can have different kits for different activities and outings.

Johnson and Johnson is making it easy for you to customize your own first aid kit right at your local CVS.  You can currently purcahse a JNJ first aid bag and fill it up with the products that you feel you need.  They are running a special promotion at CVS, which will allow you to receive your Johnson and Johnson first aid bag absolutely free.  Read more about it here.

Check out a few of my sample first aid kits for the parent, the fashionista and the sports fanatic.  Do any of thos kits fit your needs?  What’s in your first aid kit?   Does your pocket book substitute as a first aid kit?

~Monica J~

Disclaimer: The views expressed are that of Monica J.  This is a sponsored post. I attended a Johnson and Johnson event on June 11th.   

Parents, you know kids love character inspired band aids and there are so many options on the market.  Oh, and I love the Neo to go.

Have you heard of Band Aids friction block? It’s awesome!  You just rub it on the back of your foot or wherever your shoes may create friction and it helps eleviate the pain of friction.  Every gal needs that.

This is especially for my sports fanatics.  Everything in this kit is a must have.