Toy train tracks that can be built vertical and stacked high to the sky, well it doesn’t get better than that and it’s all being made available to your family by TOMY’s Chuggington line of toys.  Exciting right?  Toy train play is always fun and exciting because it allows children to use their creativity and build train tracks the way they want.  Well creativity just got better with the release of the new Chuggington Die Cast system.  I know children who are train lovers will go crazy for a train set from the Chuggington Die Cast line.  Needless to say, children will be unleashing a host of creative skills when they get their hands on these cool train sets.

I first learned about this new toy almost one year ago at the 2012 International Toy Fair.  Watch my So family TV Toy Fair Review and see the Chuggington Die Cast Trains in action.  It’s so cool and one of the “it” toys this holiday season.  I think it would be a perfect gift for any young creative mind.

Watch the Video Now! The Chuggington Action in the video starts at 3:21. Enjoy!

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These train sets are sold at Target, Toys R’ Us, Walmart and on Amazon.  Your children can even play games on the Chuggington website.  Have fun!


From the TOMY website:  

There’s no limit to how high you can go…except maybe your ceiling! The new Chuggington Die-Cast playsets from TOMY feature revolutionary track that is engineered for stability with sturdy connections, letting you build elevated layouts like never before. Plus, every action-packed playset can be built multiple ways, so your imagination can run wild.

Do you have a child that loves trains?  Do they have a train set?  Do you think your family could have hours of fun with the new Chuggington Die Cast line?

~Monica J~