Happy Autism Awareness Day!  Every year, on April 2nd, Autism Speaks celebrates Light It Up Blue, which is a global initiative that kicks off Autism Awareness Month. This initiative helps raise awareness about Autism, which is extremely important. As a Special Education Early Childhood Teacher, I work with children diagnosed with Autism and their families throughout the year. Organizations like Autism Speaks are so important because not only do they raise awareness, but they raise money to help in the research of Autism.

There are many cooperate partners and friends participating in the initiative. Thank you to all of them, many of which cater to families such as Toys R Us, Babies R US, Build A Bear, Shop Rite, Panera Bread and many more. Visit the complete list here. Even the International Space Station sent a message supporting Light It Up Blue. View their message below.

Happy World Autism Awareness Day From The International Space Station! from Autism Speaks on Vimeo.

So, how can you Light it Up Blue and be a part of this global initiative? You can pledge to Light It Up Blue, share events on social media, share your events and more. Visit www.lightitupblue.org for more information. I’m lighting it up blue all onto by placing the Light It Up blue banner on the So family Blog.  Will you and you’re family Light It Up Blue?

~Monica J~

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