Superstorm Sandy left a lot of devastation behind in many towns across states.  In all of those towns are children and I wonder what went through the minds of those children when facing the storm with their families.  Depending on how young or old the children are they may or may not have understood what a superstorm or hurricane was and the damage it could possibly leave behind.  Every experience in life is a lesson, I believe.  How did parents and families deal with explaining this life lesson to their children?  Sesame Street decided to give parents a hand in teaching children about hurricanes by releasing their hurricane special titled “Sesame Street Gets Through a Storm”.

The special episode originally aired in 2005 following Hurricane Katrina.  The special aired on television this past Friday, however you can catch the 5 episode special on the Sesame Street website.  The first part of the special is below.  Please watch with your family.

~Monica J~

Show Details:

The original special shows the residents of Sesame Street learning about hurricanes with the help of TV reporter Kermit the Frog and meteorologist Al Roker. Later the characters go about making preparations for the big storm and explain how certain tasks done ahead of the hurricane can help keep them safe.

Did you watch the Sesame Street Hurricane special with your children?  Did you have a conversation with your children about Hurricanes?  Did your family survive a superstorm or hurricane?  Parents you can find out additional hurricane information, tools and kits that your family can use on

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