Bullying is an issue that feels and almost looks the same no matter where it’s happening. It’s something that our youth deal with and are affected by whether they are the ones being bullied, doing the bullying or just watching.

As a teacher I witness this in many schools, but I also have memories of bullying from my youth. I can remember many times in high school when I participated in bullying by laughing and simply doing nothing because I wanted to be cool. I also remember a time in junior high when I was bullied and terrified of the girls who bullied me. I was on both sides of the fence and it didn’t feel good on either side. I wish there was more talk about bullying during my youth. I feel so strongly about this issue and will spread the message of anti-bullying whenever I can. Parents here’s an opportunity for your children to get involved in the anti-bullying campaign.

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) in partnership with ChallengePost are giving your children the opportunity to speak out and motivate youth to prevent bullying by sharing their message in a 30 to 60 second video. The video challenge is a contest for youth 13-18 years of age. There will be 3 prizes awarded, the grand prize of $2000 and 2 honorable mention prizes of $500 each. he submission date has started and the end date is October 14, 2012. Enter Here!

From the Stopbullying.challenge.gov website:

The goal of the contest is to create an impact through accepting videos that demonstrate:

Peer-to-peer communication
Positive messaging, and
Promotion of the www.stopbullying.gov website.

How are you educating your children on bullying? What are some of the tips you give them on dealing with bullying?

~Monica J~


Stop Bullying Video Challenge Video Message Below:

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