I love it when I find amazing products or services for kids.  It’s such a great feeling when something new comes onto the market that I know will just wow kids, because it usually wows me first.  That’s exactly how I felt when I ran into Jib and Jab at the Time to Play Showcase in NYC a couple of weeks ago.  They were at the showcase introducing their new StoryBots App.  It’s stories and songs starring your children or you if you’d like.  I couldn’t wait to use this app with my students.  Most of the apps I use are for my students anyway, so I get to test them out before reviewing them on So family’s Blog.  And I’m giving this app an A in my grade book.

The mission of StoryBots is to make learning fun for kids.  I’m a firm believer that you can make any learning experience fun and that’s what I try to do with my students every day.  When it’s fun and interactive, you can usually get kids hooked and then the learning begins.  The founders of StoryBots is Jib and Jab, who are actually Evan and Gregg Spiridellis, the brothers behind JibJab.com.  Not only can you create books and songs starring your children, but you can also watch educational videos like ABC Fun, work on activity sheets and even challenge your children with a behavioral game that can assist them with achieving goals.

As a Special Education Preschool Teacher, I have used the Starring You App to create a book for individual students.  I’ve worked one on one with them on speech and language skills.  The main skills I’ve worked on have been recalling information, telling stories and I’ve even been abl to add some preposition work in there (in the water, in the boat, etc.).  Oh, there are a host of skills you can work on while having fun with your children.  But make sure you do exactly that, have fun with your kids and be a part of the learning experience.

What do you think about StoryBots so far?  Do you think your child will enjoy their interactive songs and books?  Are you going to give it a try?

~Monica J~

I fell in love with the concept of StoryBots and it’s cute characters right away. Hey, that’s me in the video image above.  Did you notice my face?

I met the founders of StoryBots Jib & Jab.  These two fun guys are also Dads.

Watch my custom made StoryBots Row Row Row Your Boat video now!  Make sure you click the sentence that is highlighted in Pink to watch the video.  I’m warning you, it’s adorable.