The Big Wheel is back!  I don’t know about you, but I have some great childhood memories of riding my big wheel up and down my driveway.  I wish I could find some pictures from the 80’s of me on my big wheel, but it’s not happening.  I was so excited to see the Big Wheel being displayed at the Time to Play holiday showcase last week.  It’s going to be a hot item this holiday.  Not only is this a classic item for your little ones but it’s also great for working those gross motor skills.  Since this is a Teacher Talk post I had to add the developmental benefits of an item like this.  Your kids will have loads of pedal fun riding around the park or the neighborhood on a Big Wheel.  It makes a great gift.

Let’s talk about some of the details of the Big Wheel.  The manufacturer recommends it for ages 3-8, however Toys R’ Us recommends it for ages 3-5.  I think parents can be the judge of this depending on your child’s interest and size.  It’s made of sturdy plastic construction and it’s easy to assemble.  The recommended weight limit is up to 70lbs.

So what do you think, to big wheel or not to big wheel?  Did you have a Big Wheel growing up? Do you think your child will have fun on a Big Wheel?  Interested in purchasing click on this image >>>>> 

~Monica J~


Here are some photos of the original Big Wheel at the Time to Play Showcase. Pedal Fun is Waiting for your little one.

I even had a chance to hop on a Big Wheel that was big enough for me. I’m just a big kid!