How many of you have read The Very Hungry Caterpillar or Brown Bear Brown Bear to a child?  Guess what?  They are both a part of The World of Eric Carle.  Those are two of my all time favorite Early Childhood books.  While at the Time to Play Holiday Toy Showcase I walked right into the The World of Eric Carle.  I felt like I was in a candy store especially for early childhood teachers.  That’s literally how I felt.  While there I was introduced to many of their new games and toys that are out on the market and of course I saw books, puzzles and games that I’m already using in school.

Lucky me, I walked away with a new game to try and share with you guys.  Introducing the Very Hungry Caterpillar Match and Munch Game.  This is the perfect game to review math skills, memory skills  and even some speech and language skills with your child.   Oh and I can’t forget to mention that it’s the perfect travel game.  It comes in the cutest caterpillar bag, so it makes clean up and travel easy.  The actual caterpillar is a bag.  My students had fun playing the game and they even enjoyed the clean up process (definitely because of the cute bag).  You can even use the playing cards to play a simple memory  game.

Definitely a game to try out with your little ones.  It’s teacher approved!  Enjoy!  Does your family enjoy any books, games or puzzles from the World of Eric Carle?  Do you often play games at home with your child or with nieces or nephews?

Here are some images from the Time to Play Holiday Showcase.  The World of Erica Carle was in the house and I was happy.

Here’s the fun game I was given to try out with my students.  It’s the Very Hungry Caterpillar Match and Munch Game.