Being a teacher, who loves to make learning fun, is my excuse to not only play with the latest toys and games but also to watch some amazing adventures on television which happen to be cartoons.  However I don’t watch just any cartoons I only watch the best educational and fun cartoons.  One of my favorite children’s television shows is Word Girl.  She’s a superhero who fights crime and enriches vocabulary usage at the same time.  Awesome, right?

Since this week is a big week in our country, because of election day, who better to introduce the concept of an election and some new vocabulary words to your children other than Word Girl?  On Election day, November 6th, Word Girl will be airing a special election themed episode “A Vote for Becky/Class Act” on Tuesday, November 6 on PBS KIDS (check local listings).  Word Girl is disguised as Becky Botsford a 5th grader who arrived on planet Earth when she and her monkey sidekick, Captain Huggy Face, crashed their spaceship.  I enjoy this show and encourage children in my family to watch it because it’s langauge and vocabulary rich.  Every episode introduces 4 vocabulary words and throughout the episode your child will hear the words being used in different ways.  So, once again your children can enjoy a great adventure on television and continue learning at the same time.  Most times they don’t even realize there’s a lesson going on.  How fabulous is that?  Word Girl is definitely teacher approved.

So this Election day you and the kids have to tune into Word girl to find out if Becky, I mean Word Girl, will become class president.  Word Girl is joining in the Election Day fun, what about your children?  Are you talking to your children about Election Day?  Will you tune into Word Girl on Election Day with your kids?

~Monica J~


Image Credit:  All Images are property of Scholastic & PBS Kids

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