Games, toys, fun and just simple play are always a part of my daily teaching experiences I have with my students.  I’m a firm believer that children learn through play.  The two are naturally connected, play and learn.  When it comes to our young children, they learn by doing and using all of their senses.  Simply telling a child to do something or act a certain way is not enough.

Hands-on action trumps lecturing lessons everyday in my educational world.

When it’s that time during the school year to teach children the qualities of compassion and empathy one of my go to games comes from Peacable Kingdom.  It’s one of their newer games that I was introduced to last school year in February 2016.  So, with excitement I’m happy to introduce you to Friends and Neighbors, the helping game.  This game teaches children about the different emotions people have, how to be kind, how to help others and how to understand the feelings of others.  One of the things I appreciate about this game is that it comes with a Friends and Neighbors mini storybook.  I like taking the book and creating other teachable moments even without playing the game.  Since children are recognizing the feelings of others while playing this game, it’s the perfect way to introduce them to the quality of empathy.  This is the perfect game for children in preschool and kindergarten, as well as playing during family game night.



If you know me, then you may know that I love creating my own games and activities centered around a specific lesson I want the children to experience.  If you’re interested in even more ways you can introduce your child to compassion and empathy, then please CLICK BELOW now and get your FREE GUIDE.

4 Activities To Teach Children Empathy and Compassion

Happy Playing & Learning
Monica J

Disclosure: All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I use and test all products I review here on  This game was given to me by Peaceable Kingdom for review purposes.