The amazing Spider-Man took over New York City last week at the premiere at the Ziegfield Theater.  Thanks to The Moms Iwas able to take part in the red carpet experience and then a special screening at the Sony Screening Room in NYC. I didn’t get a first look at the Spider-Man movie alone.  A Spidey screening isn’t complete without some young people.  I was accompanied by one of our So Family moms and her children ( ages 10 & 13).   We had the time of our lives on the red carpet while watching the stars work the carpet.   We saw so many actors from the movie, such as Jamie Foxx, Andrew Garfield, Sally Field and more.

Now let’s talk about the movie.  It was action packed from beginning to end and it kept me on the edge of my seat, which is important.  The storyline did not disappoint and I walked out with a better understanding of who Peter Parker’s parents were and how Spider-Man came to exist.  It even had some emotional moments in the movie.  I also really enjoyed Jamie Fox’s character Elecktro.  All of the actors played their roles perfectly.  The only thing I could have done without was the 3D.  I’m not a big 3D fan and sometimes those glasses takes something away from the parts of the movie that don’t have anything flying at you.

All in all I give this movie 4 stars. It’s a great Saturday family movie.  Do you have a Spidey fan in your house?  Will your family head to the movies to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

~Monica J~

Disclosure: All thoughts and opinions are my own. I attended the red carpet event and a screening of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for review purposes.

Having a little Red Carpet fun with our Amazing Spider-Man 2 Mask.

This So Family family had a blast with me at the Red Carpet event. They are sweetest kids. Fun times with the kids!

I couldn’t resist pics with those fun Amazing Spider-Man mask.

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