Happy 125th Birthday to the Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit.  I was so excited to attend an event at the Hudson Hotel in New York City in celebration of 125 years of the First Aid Kit from Johnson & Johnson.  The celebration was really kicked off when fab actress and mom of two Maggie Gyllenhaal graced us with her presence.  She has teamed up with Johnson & Johnson and Safe Kids Worldwide to help in spreading the word about kids safety.  Johnson & Johnson is taking part in the Everyday Care Campaign, in which the company is partnering with Safe Kids Worldwide and Gyllenhaal to prevent childhood injuries by helping educate children and their parents about sports safety.

During the event Johnson & Johnson shared the history of the First Aid Kit with event attendees and of course we were able to get a sneak peak at actual kits from different decades.  It was a cool experience for me to understand how it all began and how necessarry it was and still is to have first aid kits.  Did you know that the initial Johnson & Johnson kits were inspired by railroad workers?  It’s true, railroad workers inspired the first commercial First Aid Kit, because back in the 1880’s they spent so many hours working on tracks and often got injured, so Pow, why not offer  them the ability to quickly take care of wounds while on the job.  And so, the First Aid Kit was born and continuously changed and created new options to meet the needs of different individuals.  It became the standard in treating injuries.

Reading the history of the kit was interesting, but one of the best parts of the event was being able to customize my own idividual first aid kit to suit my individual needs.  There was a station set up at the event specifically for customizing First Aid Kits.  The coolest part was that they had examples of customized kits for a variety of individuals, such as the Fashion Maven, The Chef, The Parent, The Sports Person and more.  I was of course looking for the customized kit for The Teacher, but since it would be so similar to The Parent kit I had to settle with that.  Right now you can customize your own First Aid Kit at your local CVS and receive a Johnson & Johnson bag while supplies last.  Read more about that here, Build Your Own First Aid Kit.

What’s in your family’s First Aid Kit?  What are your must-have items when packing your First Aid Kit for a day out or a special event?

~Monica J~

Disclaimer: The views expressed are that of Monica J.  This is a sponsored post. I attended the event on June 11th.   

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kate Carr the P Safe Kids WorldWide.

Maggie Gyllenhaal speaking about the importance of keeping kids safe.  She spoke to a group of bloggers about being a mom of two and how she keeps her kids safe.

Some of the event attendees enjoying the beautiful garden at the Hudson Hotel, NYC.

Johnson & Johnson knows how to celebrate.  There was an amzing breakfast spread for all to enjoy and some fun Sumemr drinks.

We were able to customize our own First Aid Kits and take them home in those fabulous bags which are perfect for Summer.

 Isn’t this swing gorgeous?  This was available for picture taking in the garden.  I was able to get a lovely picture on it.  Check out my picture on So family’s Instagram.