So Family attended a screening of the new season of The Littlest Per Shop, which premiered on the HUB network on May 31st. The show bought me back to childhood. It reminded me of many of the fun cartoons with silly jokes and stuns that kept me laughing. It’s a light-hearted show with characters that happen to be pets and one girl who takes the pets around on their adventures. So, if you’re looking for something that will keep your kids laughing and just having fun tv time then check out The littlest Pet Shop on the HUB network.

Hasbro is also introducing a new fall line of toys for The Littlest Pet Shop. The line includes collectible characters from the show, as well as the Pet Shop toy shop.  LITTLEST PET SHOP empowers fans to “Be who they wanna be!” with a new way to play that offers the freedom to design their own PET SHOP world, their way.  Littleset Pet Shop fans will be excited to know that there’s a new free app.  Fans can scan the pets they collect to bring them to life virtually in the app!  Once pets are collected, fans can entertain, play with, and care for their pets, and with each pet they collect, they unlock new rooms and accessories to design their own LITTLEST PET SHOP world, digitally.  The app is free  for download.  Click the image below for more app information.



For more information on the show visit the website, .  For more information in the Hasbro toy line visit the website,


Disclaimer:  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I attended a screening of the Littlest Pet Shop shows for review purposes.

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