The Oogieloves are headed to a theater near you in their Big Balloon Adventure and their bringing rated G back!  Have you noticed that there haven’t been many newly released rated G movies?  Yes, there have been many old G movies re-released in 3D, but a new rated G movie for your little ones has been missing.  Where have all the G-rated movies gone?  Kenn Viselman, the creator of The Oogieloves in the BIG Balloon Adventure, believes that Hollywood has ignored the youngest moviegoers.  Well, he wants to put a stop to that and offer our little ones movies that encourage them to sing, dance and get excited.  The Oogieloves Big Balloon Adventure is like a movie and live show rolled into one, an interactive family musical.

It even has a great cast with super star mom Toni Braxton playing the role of Rosalie Rosebud.  The story follows the Oogieloves – Goobie, Zoozie and Toofie – as they prepare for a surprise birthday party for their friend, Schluufy. The OogieLoves Big balloon Adventure hits movie theaters on August 29th or as the Oogieloves say, Oogust 29th.

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Are you planning to see the new OogieLoves movie with your family?  Do you believe the movie industry is forgetting about the youngest moviegoer? Do your younger children watcg PG movies?  There’s also a cool Oogieloves Giveaway going on over on the Babyshopaholic Website.  Join the Giveaway Here.  Watch the movie trailer below.

From the OogieLoves Website About the Movie:

THE OOGIELOVES IN THE BIG BALLOON ADVENTURE is a unique, interactive movie experience for young children and their families. It is a family musical that allows children to be children, encouraging them to sing and dance with their friends on screen and to help “move” the adventure along. From the opening title sequence until the final song and dance number, children are invited to take part in this fun and fantastic Oogielove adventure.  

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