Yes, Tia Mowry-Hardrict is all about the veggies. She’s rocking a veggie apron and actually making it look sexy.  I’m happy to share some news on one of my favorite mommy twins.  This celebrity mom is a vegan and she’s not afraid to share the love by teaming up with PETA and educating us on the benefits of being a vegan.

Tia and her sister have grown into amazing women and now to see the actress promoting a lifestyle that works for her and her family is great.  I appreciate her honesty and ability to stand for something she believes.  She mentioned being bullied for choosing a vegan lifestyle, so it’s even more important for her to share some knowledge about the life choice.  She briefly speaks about her lifestyle as a vegan and some of the reasons why she’s moved in that direction in her behind-the-scenes PETA video below.


Are you a vegan?  Do you worry about the lives of animals?  Do you feel your family is healthy without following a vegan diet?

~Monica J~


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