Our friends over at Tiggly have taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and they are challenging other cartoons to do the same.  They have also donated to the ALS foundation.  That’s amazing Tiggly!  Tiggly unlocks children’s imaginations with their award-winning iPad apps and interactive toys.  I absolutely love using the Tiggly shapes with my students.  I’m excited about all that they are doing over at the Tiggly office.  I’ll keep you posted on any new products they have hitting the market.  For now enjoy watching Tiggly take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Love the new Tiggly character too!


To donate to the ALS Association visit their website, www.alsa.org/donate/.  For more information on Tiggly check out their website, www.tiggly.com.

~Monica J~

Disclaimer:  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I’m a proud supporter of Tiggly products.

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