Attention parents of children who love vampires, zombies and grimms!  Playhut showcased their line of Mystixx Dolls at the International Toy Fair this year.  This included the Mystixx Vampires, Mystixx Zombies and Mystixx Grimms.  Each set of Mystixx dolls has 4 different girls.  Oh, and the highlight of this years dolls are that their faces can change, from the everyday girl to vampire, zombie or grimm.  They also introduced a new line of 3 inch dolls that are interchangeable and easy for on-the-go kids to take with them to play dates, sleepovers, camp and more.

I was amazed at the ability to change the faces of the Mystixx Dolls.  It’s simple, all your child has to do is pop off the wig, turn the head around, pop the wig back on and then you have a new doll.  The doll actually comes with two wigs, one for day and one for night.  Since I thought it was pretty cool I knew I had to get feedback from my 7 year old cousin.  When I gave her a new Mystixx Vampire doll, with the changing faces, she couldn’t rip the box open fast enough.  She thought that the changing faces was actually pretty funny. She was more in love with the wigs and the two outfits the doll came with.  I have to admit these dolls have more style than I do.  The doll came with wedged shoes.  Really?  I can’t  keep up with these dolls.  Apparently the Mystixx dolls are on trend.  Well, you can see for yourself how stylish these dolls really are.  Watch my Mystixx Dolls Toy Fair special below.

For more information on these dolls and more from Playhut visit their website,  Do you have children who are into the vampire/zombie doll craze?  What do you think of the changing faces of the Mystixx Dolls?  What’s your child’s favorite doll right now?

~Monica J~

Disclaimer: The views expressed are that of Monica J.  I was not compensated to write this review.  I did receive the Mystixx Vampire Doll Siva for review.