Get ready families for the Summer of Amazon Kids.  Amazon Studios has 3 original kids series launching on Amazon Prime.  They are kicking off the fun with Tumble Leaf, their first original kid’s series.  If you know me then you know I was excited to attend the premiere event hosted by The Moms this past Sunday at Lincoln Center in New York City.  Check out my picture at the premiere below.  I was all smiles about this new series.  Programming like this is what our kids need more of.  Tumble Leaf will debut this Friday, May 23rd.  While at the premiere not only did I get to watch 4 episodes of Tumble Leaf, which I truly enjoyed, but I was able to hear about the passion put into each episode.  Kelli Bixler the executive producer and Alice Wilder the educational advisor for Amazon Kids were their to share their stories about Tumble Leaf.

Parents can rest assured that this new series is quality and worth your child’s time.  Kelli Bixler said it best, “We do what we love and Tumble Leaf was made with love.”  Tumble Leaf’s main character is Fig the Fox, who is a creative, curious and cute little fellow who loves to go on adventures and explore new objects and ideas.  Every day Fig gets up and finds something in his Finding Place and then the learning adventure begins.  During each adventure new vocabulary words are discovered and great exploration happens with Fig and his friends.  This new series gives preschoolers a rich cinematic experience and it will have them fall in love with learning and play.  That’s exactly what Fig does each episode, he learns through play and exploration.  I am a huge fan and advocate for learning through play.  I can’t wait to introduce this series to my students and their parents.  I hope that your children get to experience all that Tumble Leaf has to offer little ones.

Don’t miss out on Amazon’s Summer of Amazon Kids.  Tumble Leaf will be followed by another preschool program “Creative Galaxy” on June 27, and live-action series “Annedroids” on July 25 for kids aged 4 to 7.  For more information please visit the Tumble Leaf site, click here .  I was also given an Amazon Fire TV, so I can start experiencing Tumble Leaf and more from Amazon Kids today.  My Fire TV review will be coming soon to the blog.  Stay Tuned and enjoy Tumble Leaf this Friday!

~Monica J~

Disclaimer:  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I attended the premiere of Tumble Leaf in New York City for review purposes.