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What is a Twitter Party?

A Twitter Party is a fun, fast chat or party, which is centered around one main topic. They are held on the Twitter platform. Most twitter parties are run by a host(s), who keep the party on topic and guides the chat through questions and information surrounding the topic of choice. They usually last 1 – 2 hours and serve as a social connector between people, brands and bloggers.

What is #30Chat?

The #30Chat Twitter Party was first created by Scherrie, the founder of  #30Chat is a shorter version of the normal Twitter Party.  It last for 30 minutes and still incorporates all of the benefits of a Twitter Party.  It’s perfect for the Twitter participants who are busy, don’t have much time between taking care of the children, fixing dinner and more.  It’s the perfect Twitter Party for the multi-tasker.  It’s still centered around one topic and has a host or expert panel to keep the party on topic.

How to participate?

Twitter Party participants tweet using a custom Hashtag (#) for the party. The custom Hashtag is announced prior to the party. Participants must use the Hashtag in order to be a part of the party’s conversation. You can search the specified Hashtag on twitter and easily join in the conversation. Tweetdeck can make following a party easier.

What are the benefits of a Twitter Party?

Twitter Parties are a great way to connect and socialize on Twitter. it’s also a way to gain new followers through conversation and find new Twitter accounts to follow. Many Twitter parties also have amazing giveaways during the party. As long as you participate you are eligible for a prize. Some twitter Parties may have special RSVP instructions. So Family’s Twitter Parties always have a specific RSVP request.

What are the benefits of sponsoring a Twitter Party?

Looking to generate a buzz around your brand?  A Twitter Party can generate thousands of tweets in a very short period of time.  These parties serve as a smart way to share important facts, news about your products and introduce new products to potential customers.  Start a conversation, get instant feedback, understand your customer and have fun centered around your products.  Contact for more information.

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