Are your children learning to read? Are you looking for a more exciting way to encourage your children to read? If you answered yes to either of these questions then I know you’ll be excited about the mommy created, mommy approved game uKloo. Oh and I should also mention it’s teacher approved. I love the concept of the game uKloo. uKloo is an early reader treasure hunt game. It was created by Doreen, a mom who was only looking for a more creative and exciting way to teach her son to read. Her creativity turned into the popular game. So, how do the kids play? Children find clues around the house, read the clues, use the picture helper to help them with words and then find the Surprise. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Treasure hunts are always exciting and perfect for family game night.

From a teacher’s perspective uKloo is great for skill building and review.  This game builds confidence, independent learning, visual word recognition, sight-reading and so much more.  Children love fun and why not make learning fun?  I’m a huge advocate for teaching through fun and play. This game promotes the same thought process.  The fact that I get to work with children in small groups or one on one allows me to use games such as uKloo with my students.  I usually just adapt them to work for my students.  This was definitely made for parents to use at home with their children, but when it’s a great learning product I make it work for my students.

I’m so excited to announce that So family and Thirtymommy will be hosting a Kid’s Holiday Toys Twitter Party especially for uKloo.  You don’t want to miss the fun, because you could possibly win one of the uKloo games for your family.  Exciting, right?  Scroll below and RSVP using our Rafflecopter.  See you this Friday, December 13th at 8PM EST on Twitter!  For more information on uKloo just visit their website,

~Monica J~ 

Disclaimer: The views expressed are that of Monica J.  I was not compensated to write this review. 

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