It was a stylish night for moms in New York City last week with the celebration of Wendy William’s new book, Hold me In Contempt.  The Moms, Melissa and Denise, hosted a stylish night at The Hudson Bond.  The invited guest were mommy bloggers who arrived in style thanks to the generosity of Burlington Coat Factory.  Bloggers were able to shop at Burlington prior to the event, so that they could have a fabulous evening while looking good.  Wendy Williams arrived full of energy, lots of bling and a gorgeous smile, which got everyone excited to hear about her new romance novel.  It’s always great and inspiring to see a mom who does it all and is still able to walk around looking as if she didn’t even break a sweat.  Along with some juicy details about her book, this mompreneur shared some tips for all moms and women pursuing any of their dreams.  One of those tips was, basically, it’s okay to accept help.  Wendy admitted that she always has help when writing her books.  Great advice Wendy, because women tend to forget that they are not superwoman.

Wendy’s new book, Hold Me In Contempt, is available in bookstores and online now.  For more information on Wendy Williams visit her website here,  For more information and style from Burlington Coat Factory visit their website here,

~Monica J~

Disclosure: All thoughts and opinions are my own. I received a book for review purposes and attended the Wendy Williams event hosted by The Moms and Burlington Coat Factory.

Wendy William’s New Book, Hold Me in Contempt, on display at The Moms Blogger Event.

Wendy Williams with The Moms, Melissa and Denise.

Wendy Williams chats with The Moms about her new romance novel.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the stylish NYC bloggers at the Wendy Williams book launch event.  Burlington Coat Factory styled most of these bloggers.  Just in case you’re wondering I’m on the far left with the black hat.  I love a hat!

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