Fun and Learning go hand in hand in my world of Early Childhood.  My newest children’s app crush powers nothing but fun and learning for preschoolers.  When I was introduced to the new children’s app Yummiloo, Rainbow Power I was taken on a “Rainbow Power” adventure in the world of Yummiloo, where Yum Yum’s live and play in their carnival.  Rainbow Power is just the first adventure app for children from the company Yummico.  Yummiloo Rainbow Power is a food adventure.  This app, which is designed for preschoolers, allows children to help some of the Yum Yum characters, like Rooty (my favorite), harvest fruits and vegetables that they will put into the rainbow machine.  The rainbow machine in Yummiloo powers the carnival, which isn’t working during this adventure.  Your little ones will learn about a rainbow of different colored fruits and vegetables which will help them grow big and strong.

Not only did I fall in love with this adorable, fun learning app, but I was inspired by the founders.   I had the opportunity to sit down with the founders of Yummico and talk to them about their newest children’s app on the market, Yummiloo.  Two amazing moms with extraordinary backgrounds are the masterminds behind this app.  Traci Paige Johnson is the creator of Blues Clues and Caroline Baron is an Oscar-nominated feature film producer and now together they have created a new kind of children’s media with Yummico.  Did I mention on top of everything else they are moms?  During an intimate conversation with the two ladies I learned how important it is to them to educate early learners through their  app.  Like Blues Clues, Yummiloo gets the children involved in the adventure and educates through fun.

I used the app during my one-on-one sessions with my students during the month of June.  After the first introduction they were reaching to play the app every session.   After they played the game I was able to assess what they actually learned by asking them questions about the adventure and what they had to do.  What shocked me the most was not only  were they able to identify and remember the names of new fruits and vegetables, but they were able to explain to me why they had to put the spoiled fruits and vegetables in the compost.  Composting was definitely a foreign concept to my students prior to playing this game.  This is a prime example of how fun and learning go hand in hand and why I’ve fallen in love with Yummiloo.

Learn more about Yummiloo and the company Yummico by visiting their website,  Stay tuned for my exclusive interview with the founders for the So family Tv series Out and About with Monica J.  Are your kids ready for an adventure in the world of Yummiloo?  What are some of your favorite children’s app?  Do you believe fun and leaning go hand in hand?

~Monica J~

Disclaimer: The views expressed are that of Monica J. I was not compensated to write this review.

The characters, the Yum Yums, are so adorable.  You can not resist their cuteness.  The colorful graphics really bring this app to life.

Here are the Yum Yums in the land of Yummiloo.


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