Schedules for kids helps them get used to their daily routines and create a better understanding of time.  Now you may be thinking, “A schedule is too rigid to use at home.” or you may even be thinking, “Schedules are for teachers and classrooms.”  Well, I have great news for you.  It’s actually pretty easy to implement schedules into your child’s life at home.  Not only do they offer your child a concept of time, but it also gives them greater independence and allows things to run smoother at home.  And let me just mention, schedules are even good for on-the-go families.  Yes, they are.

Once children get familiar with their routines, their schedules become predictable.  This helps young children feel secure, safe and comfortable.  Schedules and routines can actually help reduce behavior challenges at home and in the classroom.  With consistency and time you can  see a decrease in problems such as tantrums and aggression.

Now, I can write out and show you pictures of some sample schedules, but instead check out my favorite routine and schedules company.  And did I mention this company was founded by a Behavior Specialist?  Yes, exactly.  Introducing REWARD’UMS.   

 The Rewardum™ routine starter kit acts as a visual cue to remind kids of what to do, or what is
coming up next. It was perfectly crafted to help parents display everything from bedtime
routines, to-do lists, to daily activities and chores.

My nieces love their Reward’um kits too.  I created a little video so you can get a better idea of how we use them.  Tell me what you think?  Watch below

Was this video helpful?  I hope this video gave you some great ideas you can start using right now.  If you’re ready to get a Rewardum Kit for your child(ren) then click here and get your very own now.    

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~Monica J Sutton~


Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are my own. I always review products on my own and turn into a big kid with my teacher hat on.

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